At Promeco, we believe there is no greater pleasure than creating products that are yet to be created. Passionate about the stages of thinking about the ergonomics and design of the product, we are stimulated by the idea of creating new experiences. Our region, West Flanders, is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and represents a source of inspiration and a true catalyst for design and innovation.


30seven is our own brand created to face the cold worldwide. We have created a brand with heated clothing and accessories that keep you warm while enjoying outdoor activities. All these products have built-in heating and work with rechargeable batteries.

Our products are designed in Belgium and are shipped from Belgium. We offer the best after-sales service to all our customers.


After extensive research and development, we are pleased to present our patented technology: Tempcontrol®.

This innovative technology allows users to keep dishes and kitchen utensils at a constant temperature for hours.

The technology is integrated into our Sanodegusto brand collection.

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